"Shaun the Leprechaun"  by Tracy Dennison is now available on Amazon Kindle!

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Shaun the Leprechaun Cover

"Shaun the Leprechaun and the Loch Ness Monster” is a story about how the power of love and friendship transform a timid, frightened dinosaur into a heroine.

 Shaun is a native of Ireland with an upbeat personality and magical powers.  When Shaun hits his lucky golf ball into the loch he meets Nessie and persuades her to visit the 'other world’ in which he lives.

 My mother created this wonderful story many years ago and I am delighted to now have  illustrated this adventure.  She passed away in 1994 when the book was a pen and ink manuscript and now many years later I have illustrated this heart warming story in color!

Now this original story is an e-book on Kindle. Viewers can see a sample by following the link above to Amazon.

I loved illustrating this book and I’ve become very attached to the characters.  I think my mother wrote a lot of herself into the character of Shaun and I look forward to working on their next adventure!


Tracy Dennison

Los Angeles 



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